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Here at Proven Local we pride ourselves on having some of the best contractors that are available listed with us. From pavers to landscapers, roofers to uPVC specialists, we got them all.


Becoming a member of Proven Local is by invitation only and only after we have vetted a potential contractor, do we offer that invitation. There are 3 components that help us choose a suitable contractor.

  1. Are they local to an area and have they been operating for over 5 years in that area?
  2. Do they have a large portfolio of work to prove their mastery and experience in that industry?
  3. Do they have a solid reputation in their area which includes reviews on customer care and after care service?

Only when a contractor can successfully pass the 3 tests, do we offer an invitation for them to join us. If they choose to join Proven Local, they have to abide by 6 more conditions.

The conditions for a Proven Local contractor to be featured and listed with us are:

  • Minimum of £5 Million Public Liability Insurance
  • Confirmed Identity Of Owner of Company
  • Maintaining High Standard Of Work
  • Regular Updates On Workmanship
  • Maintaining A High Standard Of Customer Care
  • Minimum 10 Year Guarantee On New Installations

We will always enforce these rules and if we feel at any stage, that a listed contractor is no longer performing to these standards, we will suspend their listing till we have ascertained a reason for it.

If you have had work from a Proven Local contractor carried out, you can leave a review on each of the profiles that they have. This helps to highlight the quality of work, customer care and reliability of the contractor for others.

If you are not happy with the work and you have left a bad review, please specify the reason for the rating. A negative evaluation left because the contractor was late in responding, is vastly different than a bad review left because the contractor carried out inferior work.

We try to verify each and every review that is left for our tradesmen regardless if it is a good or bad review. It is important to be as fair as possible to both parties ensuring a balanced review system is maintained.

If you have left a review and for one reason or another, wish to have that review removed or amended, email info@provenlocal.ie along with the tradesman/company name, your own name and if you want it removed/amended.


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